Earth safe

Our environmentally friendly cleaning products are biodegradable, eco-responsible and grey water safe

By carefully selecting the right combination of ingredients, we make sure SimplyClean products are safe for our earth as well as our home environments.

Whenever possible we choose plant-derived and mineral based ingredients and we avoid using non-sustainable resources, such as palm oil.

Our already health safe ingredients have been assessed for biodegradability, moderation in pH and overall environmental impact with reference to reputable national and International sources, including:

  • GECA: Good Environmental Choice Australia's Cleaning Products Environmental Performance Standard
  • Lanfax Laboratories Review of Laundry Powders in conjunction with Choice: This provides a review of sodium and phosphorus content of laundry powders and recommendations on safe levels for grey water use
  • Friends of the Earth
  • ‚Ä®Hazardous Substances Information System (HSIS) in conjunction with Safe Work Australia: This provides data about all base ingredients and their potential hazards

We can be confident that SimplyClean products are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-responsible
  • Grey water safe

And almost all are septic safe (our disinfectant cleaner may not be, depending on how it is used).

So you can be sure that by using SimplyClean you are minimising your impact on our precious earth.

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