Powered by oxygen

In the bathroom SimplyClean Powered By Oxygen products fizz away fungi, mould & bacteria

Powered By Oxygen

In late 2014 we were so excited to launch a unique line of new products in the SimplyClean range. These are powered by oxygen; a range of advanced, human safe, earth safe and powerful cleaners for your home. We're using the “powered by oxygen” logo for you to identify these wonderful products:

What does “powered by oxygen” mean?

The power ingredient in these products is hydrogen peroxide (formula H2O2). Hydrogen peroxide is like a superfood of the cleaning world! Hydrogen peroxide utilises the power of its oxygen (O) molecule to penetrate the cells of mould and germs and dissolve them away, through a totally natural process of oxidation.

And after it’s done its job the hydrogen peroxide fully biodegrades to just water (H2O) and oxygen (O2), leaving no residue on surfaces inside the home.

Hydrogen peroxide is so natural that it's recommended as a safe and non-intrusive sanitiser for use by organic certified food producers and processors.

You can see the oxygen at work!

When you spray Simply NO Mould, Healthyclean Bathroom or HealthyClean Kitchen both powered by oxygen, look out for the "FIZZ"; a release of pure oxygen as the hydrogen peroxide gets to work on any “contamination” - mould or germs, that are present.

In the bathroom...SimplyClean "powered by oxygen" products fizz away unwanted organic living matter including fungi and mould, bacteria (such as salmonella and e-coli), and even the proteins and body fats found in showers, around toilets and in the toilet bowl.

They dissolve the odour-causing deposits left by urine spills around the toilet and completely eliminate stale smells. Great for potty training time!

In the laundry the oxygen gets to work on stains, including:

  • Blood
  • Wine
  • Tea
  • Beetroot
  • Tomato sauce
  • Pasta sauce

SimplyClean "powered by oxygen" products supercharge cleaning, leaving only water and oxygen behind.

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