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To us, the SimplyClean philosophy has always been crystal clear – we're determined to ensure all of our cleaning products are free of toxins and any other nasties. This also means we won't use any artificial fragrances whatsoever.

When searching for fragrances, we turned to a selection of pure Australian essential oils, all wonderfully natural and fragrant. Today, our star ingredient is Australian lemon myrtle essential oil, harvested from trees right here in our local Northern Rivers region. Other fragrances include blue mallee eucalyptus, as well as bespoke Australian peppermint oil and Australian mandarin essential oil blends.

As beautiful as these fragrances are, we also understand that those of you who are highly sensitive to some scents will want absolutely no fragrance at all. That's why we offer a small but growing range of fragrance-free cleaning products, so you have even more healthy choices available for your home.

Our fragrance-free range uses the natural cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide to fizz away germs, bacteria, mould and fungi. Hydrogen peroxide works like a superfood of the cleaning world! It uses the power of the oxygen molecule to penetrate the cells of germs and mould, dissolving them completely away. This is called oxidation, and it's an entirely natural process that leaves only water and oxygen behind once the cleaning is done.

Our fragrance-free range includes Simply NO Mould, HealthyClean Kitchen and HealthyClean Bathroom. People also love our Fragrance- Free Laundry Remover & Soaker, which goes to work on even the most stubborn stains such as beetroot, tomato sauce and blood and it sanitises the wash too! All are really healthy, and all really work.

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