Our Sustainability Journey
At SimplyClean, we are on a journey of continuous improvement to make our products as safe as possible for you, your family and the planet. Protecting the environment is a focus of everything we do. We continually review our processes, policies and practices, so we operate in a ways that protects the environment around us.

At SimplyClean we live by the ethos “REDUCE, REFILL, REUSE AND RECYCLE” and we endeavour to apply this across all aspects of our business – right from manufacturing, to how we interact with you. In fact, home refilling from bulk represents over 50% of our business.


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How our customers reuse bulk containers

Local to the Northern Rivers NSW? You can drop your empties back to our warehouse and we can reuse them. Or you're welcome to post them back to us if you would like them to be reused. If this isn't an option, here are a few creative and useful ways to reuse.

All SimplyClean products are:

Product Packaging

Reducing plastic and new materials in product packaging is a key focus for us, and we understand how important it is to you. We are striving to hit APCO’s targets ahead of their 2025 deadline. You can see our 2024 APCO Annual Report & Action Plan here.


In 2021 we introduced our most popular laundry and dishwasher powders in box refills. These powders account for almost 40% of our production volume. In July 22 we removed the plastic scoop from all powders. Over 80% of our bottles are now 100% recycled plastic. And they can be refilled again and again from bulk. We are developing products that will expand our offer of refills, reduce single use plastic & help the move from plastic to cardboard. Exciting things to come... Subscribe to our newletter to stay up to date.


Our focus is also on sustainability in manufacturing, storage and delivery of products to consumers & distribution partners. Implementations include:

Reusable and recycleable packing materials are shown on the right. Reducing plastic pallet wrap by 50% with new technology. Broken wooden pallets donated to a local pallet maker. Reuse of over 95% of empty returned product containers. All incoming metal drums and plastic barrels reused in our factory, or by local farmers. Packaging waste in production has reduced by 90%, and there's 50% less overall waste into landfill. We are members of the Bin Trim Program that directs all soft plastics to industrial recycling. Finally, we've implemented a “Conscious Recycling initiative” to find recycling solutions for items that cannot be reused.


All our products are made from scratch in Lismore, NSW. By applying our ethos, we have achieved the following:

Wastage of finished product is near to zero. Reduced lighting energy consumption by 54%. In 2021, we transitioned to 100% GreenPower, reducing our environmental impact and supporting renewable energy in Australia. We have initiated a water capture programme for post-manufacture wash water and are currently in the testing phase for water recycling. In addition, as our business has expanded, we have introduced specialised equipment to improve our manufacturing efficiency. All equipment we have purchased was made in Australia.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.