About ingredients

Our natural ingredients are healthy for you and your family

Our ingredient policies

At SimplyClean, it's our policy to choose ingredients that are healthy for you, your family, your home and our environment.

Wherever possible, our ingredients are natural, plant-derived and mineral based. On occasion the healthiest choice is not the natural one*. However, we're always researching new earth and human safe ingredient options and our products evolve with each of our findings.

It is vital, too, that we're developing the SimplyClean range using sustainable and ethical ingredients. That is why you won't find palm oil in our products, nor have any of our products been tested on animals.

Australian grown essential oils  

Fragrances play an important role in the products you use in your home. We use only Australian grown essential oils to fragrance SimplyClean products. In some cases, our products are fragrance free. Right now we are using:

  • Backhousia citriodoria (lemon myrtle) leaf oil, grown locally; in fact, it is grown in the the hills around our factory. Read more about the properties of lemon myrtle oil HERE.
  • Eucalyptus polybractea (blue mallee eucalyptus) oil, from Victoria. A traditional clean smelling and cleansing oil. Did you know that over 90% of Eucalyptus oil sold in Australia isn't from here at all? Most of it is imported from China! Not ours though.
  • Citrus aurantifolia (Australian lime oil), also from Victoria. We like this steam distilled oil for its lack of photo (light) sensitising compounds; vital for maintaining our SimplyClean sensitiser-free promise. Steam distilled lime oil has a sweet overtone on a zesty, crisp fragrance. 

Our promise to share about ingredients

Whilst there is no requirement in Australia to label cleaning products with the ingredients they contain, you can be reassured that every single SimplyClean product comes fully labelled with all this information. Importantly, we provide the proper name for all ingredients. This will allow you to easily do your own research. 

We don't use generic descriptions, nor do we leave anything out. We use the INCI naming convention, a worldwide reference system based on sound science, used by the cosmetic industry. It's rigorous, but we don't mind. Plus we add a little about what each ingredient does, if it's not obvious or commonly known. That way you can check every SimplyClean ingredient. And if you ever want to ask more, you can just call us and we'd be happy to help. 

It is very unfortunate that many so-called eco cleaning brands in Australia do not provide the true names of their ingredients and hide behind statements such as “natural” and “plant-based”.  At SimplyClean, we are happy to share our full ingredient information with you, so you can make the choices you need to make for your health and your lifestyle. There's a full list of ingredients on each product page, as well as on every product label.

Safety data sheets for the workplace

When SimplyClean products are used in the workplace - whether a child care centre, in allied health, a gym, or even an office - we appreciate that you are putting the health of staff and clients first. Safety data sheets (SDSs) are available for every SimplyClean product, as we know you need this information in the workplace setting. Please contact us for any SDSs you need.

*For example, a very low dose of the preservative phenoxyethanol is used in some SimplyClean products. Preservative is necessary for products generally stored in a wet environment e.g. dishwash liquid, to prevent growth of fungus and bacteria in the product itself. The natural alternative to phenoxyethanol is a formaldehyde producer called hydroxymethylglycinate and is not a health-safe product, so it does not belong in SimplyClean.

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