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When you think about it, your kitchen poses more cleaning concerns than meets the eye. It's a high-touch area the entire family regularly uses – the fridge, stove, cupboard handles, sink, light switches and benchtops are touched many times a day! There's often grease involved, the potential for food bacteria and moulds, not to mention stubborn dried-on food on dishes and cutlery.

That's a lot of cleaning. And with more people concerned about the use of chemical cleaning products, they're looking for healthier alternatives that really, really work.

Fear not – we've developed a range of toxin-free cleaning products that will ensure every inch of your kitchen is healthy for you and your family.  These include surface sprays, a dishwasher powder and dishwashing liquids.

Our fragrant Australian Lemon Myrtle and Australian Lime Spray & Wipe are both formulated to ensure your countertops are germ-free and sparkling clean, just as you'd expect them to be. We also have a fragrance-free surface spray, HealthyClean Kitchen, which utilises the natural cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide to penetrate and dissolve dirt, grease and grime, while killing 99.9% of kitchen germs.

When it comes to your dishes, our hard-working dishwashing liquids feature beautiful Australian essential oils. You can choose from Australian Lemon Myrtle and Australian Mandarin Dishwash Liquids. Both cut through even the most stubborn dried-on food and smell absolutely gorgeous. We also have an Australian Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher Powder, formulated to clean, degrease and sanitise your dishes.

All SimplyClean environmentally-friendly cleaning products are free of any toxins and sensitisers. That means no irritants or hazardous chemicals in the air, on your hands or on the surfaces of your kitchen.

And even though the SimplyClean range is human-friendly, pet-friendly and earth safe, there's no compromise on a powerful cleaning performance, whichever of our toxin-free kitchen cleaning products you choose to use. And, they're all 100% proudly made in Australia!

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