What's the difference between our sprays?

What's the difference between our sprays?

27th Apr 2020

SimplyClean Sprays

What’s the difference between the SimplyClean sprays, you might ask? It’s a question that’s posed to us quite often, so we can see there’s a bit of confusion about which to use for what purpose.

We have four individual spray and wipe formulations: 

  • Lemon Myrtle Spray & Wipe 
  • Australian Lime Spray & Wipe 
  • HealthyClean Kitchen 
  • HealthyClean Bathroom.

To add to the mix, there’s a DIY option: 

  • Our Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant Concentrate, which can be diluted and used in a spray bottle.

We also have two task specific sprays: 

  • Lemon Myrtle Window & Glass
  • Simply NO Mould

So, let’s break this down

Lemon Myrtle Window & Glass and Simply NO Mould are task specific sprays, although the Window & Glass is also super for shiny surfaces and it’s good to remember that Simply NO Mould can deal with mould on ALL interior hard surfaces including in your walk-in cupboards and wardrobes, backs of doors and the door seals of your fridge and freezer.

Lemon Myrtle, Australian Lime, HealthyClean Kitchen,, and HealthyClean Bathroom Spray & Wipes, plus Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant Cleaner (diluted into a spray bottle), are all perfect for general purpose cleaning around the home. They all clean well AND they all kill germs.

However, each formula is very different in its ingredients and these products each have their “areas of expertise.”

Choosing my Spray 

So, consider, do you prefer a general-purpose spray? If so, pick your favourite fragrance (or fragrance free in the case of the HealthyClean products) and use this for everything, remembering that they all actively kill germs too.

If you would rather specific spray for a specific job, here are the personal attributes of each spray

Lemon Myrtle Spray & Wipe – aside from the lovely smell of natural lemon myrtle this product has higher germ-killing action than the other sprays and is useful when there’s sickness in the home, or for cleaning up after pet accidents. A spray made-up from Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant Cleaner acts in the same way. It's perfect in COVID times for all those high touchpoints, especially if you have frequent visitors.

Australian Lime Spray & Wipe – the fresh zesty lime fragrance from lime essential oil freshens the home plus this product is best against grease and grime. This makes it perfect for stovetops, rangehoods, and spring cleaning – skirtings, cupboards and overhead fans.

HealthyClean Kitchen is fragrance free and its hydrogen peroxide formula uses the power of oxygen to sanitise surfaces. It’s perfect to spray chopping boards after meat preparation, to clean the inside of your fridge and to clean around the coffee machine to remove coffee staining, or to gently remove stains from benchtops such as red wine and turmeric.

HealthyClean Bathroom is also fragrance free and its hydrogen peroxide formula uses the power of oxygen to sanitise surfaces. Its slight acid formula tackles water marks, rust staining and scale deposits in shower cubicles, and the hydrogen peroxide helps prevent mould. If there are small kids in the home it’s perfect to breakdown the proteins in toilet accidents on the toilet seat or floor, preventing odours, especially in the grout which is quite porous.

What’s your spray? 

The task specific sprays – mould killing and glass cleaning – are straight-forward. Choosing between the more general spray & wipes is a bit more subtle.

The truth is, all of our spray & wipes, including diluted disinfectant cleaner, do the job extremely well. So, it comes down to subtleties – some love the sweet smell of the lemon myrtle spray, others love the tangy lime scent. Others prefer to go fragrance-free, and some prefer the reassurance of using a strong disinfectant. Some do plenty of cooking and their kitchen dominates their needs.

Whichever spray you choose, you can rest assured it’s 100% free of toxins, is family and earth friendly, it cleans really well - and it kills bacteria and germs.

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