A little TLC for your woollens & delicates

A little TLC for your woollens & delicates

13th Oct 2022

Why a wool & delicates product? A wash especially formulated for your wool & delicate clothing or bedlinen (think silks, satin, cashmere, merino, fine knits, linen, and decorated fabrics....the list goes on) is very different to a normal laundry liquid or powder, which harden delicate fabrics and will stiffen and shrink your woollens. 

Your special fabrics are very needy and need a far lower pH (even below neutral) - something more like a body wash or shampoo - to stay soft and beautiful!

Wool reacts poorly to normal laundry products because their high pH strips away the natural oils, reacting with these to harden and shrink down the fibres. This can also cause them to become misshapen, and sometimes spoil them so badly that they become unwearable. A sad end to a favourite, snuggly winter jumper, or oodie.

Silks, linens and other natural materials can also stiffen and lose the softness you love.

Does a small dose of regular laundry powder or liquid work just as well as a specialist product?

With a laundry powder, no. For complicated reasons the pH of laundry powders stays high even when you dilute it down. Laundry liquids can vary. Our Lemon Myrtle Laundry Liquid works pretty well at a very low dose but you will lose some cleaning power.

Try a little TLC

A wool and delicates wash has been our most requested product. Our brand new Eucalyptus Wool & Delicates Wash contains a blend of plant-based surfactants that will gently cleanse your special items. We add pure eucalyptus essential oil that’s been sourced from south-western NSW and a little pure lavender oil, to leave your wash with a delicate and lingering fragrance. This beautiful blend is around pH 6 to protect your special fabrics and help them last a lifetime.

Safe for you and your family

As you’d expect, our hypoallergenic formula contains no fillers or irritants and is safe for sensitive skins. There is no artificial fragrance, and this wash is also colour free.

Handwash or machine wash?

Both! But be guided by your clothes care label. The wool & delicates wash is suitable for any washable fabric. Use it in the laundry sink… and, because it has a low suds formula, use it with your washing machine’s wool or silk/delicates cycles too.

Happy and safe laundering.

PS our body washes make a good substitute when hand washing but, whatever you do, do not attempt to use them in your machine unless you’re looking for a day of bubble play!

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