Bubble away those stains and odours

Bubble away those stains and odours

23rd May 2014

Oxygen-based stain remover powders really are super products in many senses of the word. They're safe to use, are safe for easily irritated and sensitive skins and are SO biodegradable SO quickly that they cause no environmental concerns. 

So we thought, why not build ours into a simplyclean laundry powder?

Hence our new simplyclean Australian Eucalyptus Laundry Powder comes with enough Ostain remover to handle most eventualities.

How does it work? 

When simplyclean Australian Eucalyptus Laundry Powder is added to your wash, the cleaning agents get to work cleaning as usual. Meanwhile as the O 2 stain remover comes into contact with organic stains and odour-causing bacteria, oxygen bubbles are released that break the bonds between the soil and the fabric surface. Stains are broken down and bacteria are killed and removed, so odours disappear too.

Our O2 stain remover breaks down safely and completely to water and oxygen.... leaving no residues on clothes and no product in the wash water, so it's irritant free and environmentally friendly. 

O2 stain removers work well at all temperatures but temperatures above 50°C "supercharge" the process and work really well when any extra germ killing power is needed.

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