How To Clean My Yoga Studio?

How To Clean My Yoga Studio?

18th Jun 2020

When planning a safe space for teachers and students, some simple prevention techniques combined with practical cleaning strategies are the way to go.

Simple strategies to minimise risk

  1. Keep the door of your studio open when welcoming students to class.
  2. Request students bring their own water bottles and own mats, plus a towel, or sarong for covering props that come into contact with the head (ie that are in close proximity to the face)
    • Students to use their own mats, or cover a studio mat with their mat
    • Wherever possible studio blankets should be placed under the mat, rather than on top
    • oIf used on top of the mat, students are to cover all blankets, shoulder pads or blocks used under the head with their own towel.
  3. Pack away excess props, especially all the soft props students can do without. By keeping props to the essentials, there will be less cleaning to do.
  4. Focus students on good hand hygiene. Encourage hand sanitising, even during class if necessary (ie after touching their face).

Remember: COVID-19 is spread via the nose and mouth and cannot be spread in other ways, such as through the skin of the body or feet. That’s the reason risks are minimised by avoiding direct head and face contact with surfaces (studio mats and props), and by keeping hands germ-free.

Cleaning regimes

For hands

  1. Ensure hand sanitiser is used by students and teachers when entering the studio.
  2. Provide hand soap and paper towels in the toilet – and remember there’s no need to sanitise hands that have just been properly washed – soap kills COVID-19!

For mats, hard props and walls

Not all students will comply with requests to use their own mats, or to cover props. So, a general cleaning regime will still be necessary.

At the end of class

  1. Spray mats and hard props thoroughly with a sanitising solution (setting the spray nozzle to a fine spray). Use a paper towel or cloth to distribute the spray evenly over the contact surface/s and leave to air dry.
  2. Spray used wall areas with the same sanitising solution (using the same fine spray) and leave to air dry.

Daily or each few days

  1. To avoid build-up of cleaning solutions from all the extra spraying of mats, and to avoid a slippery surface over time, give mats a detergent wash and leave to air dry flat.
  2. Wash used wall areas with detergent solution.
  3. Wash hard floors.
Recommended Cleaning Kit

Cleaning solutions: Hand sanitiser a, Hand soap b, Hard surface sanitiser c, Detergent d, Floor cleaner e (or use detergent)

Cleaning tools: Paper towels, microfibre cloths, mop & bucket, spray bottles (correctly labelled), dispensing tools eg measures, funnel, or pumps

Cleaning Kit Solutions from SimplyClean

a. SimplyClean Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser containing 70% alcohol.

b. SimplyClean Lemon Myrtle Hand Soap.

c. SimplyClean Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate (dilute to 25ml/litre).

d. SimplyClean Lemon Myrtle Dishwash Liquid.

e. SimplyClean Lemon Myrtle Floor Cleaner.

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