What’s the difference between our hand soap and body washes?

What’s the difference between our hand soap and body washes?

13th Jan 2021

Are they interchangeable?

We're often asked this question! And we're not at all surprised because there are many of you who prefer to use one product for many purposes and we offer both an Australian Lemon Myrtle Hand Soap and an Australian Lemon Myrtle Body Wash, as well as the Australian Peppermint Body Wash.

The hand soap and body wash may look and smell the same; however they have different tasks, and so have quite distinctive ingredients.

Our hand soap

Our Australian Lemon Myrtle Hand Soap contains a powerful active antibacterial ingredient to kill germs and bacteria - ideal for bathroom germs, in the kitchen and generally when people are unwell to prevent spreading of germs. So, the other ingredients in the formula were chosen to work harmoniously with this germ killer, ensuring our soap is as effective as possible.

The unique formula of our hand soap means it doesn't overly lather– it has more of a smooth and silky texture.

Our body washes

Our body washes do not contain an active germ killer, as this is unnecessary. Consequently our cleansing ingredients are different to those in the hand soap. Plus, many people prefer a more luxurious lather for a body wash...more bubbles and lather helps spread further over the skin, cleansing a larger area than just hands. 

Both the Australian Lemon Myrtle and the Australian Peppermint Body Wash can happily be used as a hand soap, although there is no germ-killing ingredient present.

There are similarities between the two

The most obvious similarity is both products feature pure Australian essential oils. They're also both perfectly balanced for your skin at pH 5.5 and, as part of our commitment to using no unnecessary ingredients, have no added colour.

As with all SimplyClean products, both are grey water safe and septic safe, palm oil-free and vegan friendly.

Although the differences aren't visible to the eye, there are good reasons to use each for its intended purpose. And they all smell absolutely gorgeous!

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