Hand Sanitiser (Sanitizer) News

Hand Sanitiser (Sanitizer) News

4th Mar 2020

1 May is May day, and hand sanitiser day too, hooray! Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser is now back in stock in limited quantities (after 10am ish today). We've made and bottled our first batch of hand sanitiser in over 6 weeks. Most of what's made is packed for our distributors' orders and this hand sanitiser will make it way to them, for distribution into retail stockists throughout QLD, VIC and NSW, in the next week or so. So if you have a favourite SimplyClean stockist and can wait to buy, please do. Or if you usually order from us, online stock will be available from today until it runs out. More hand sanitiser will be available in a week or so we hope, as soon as we have more bottles. Thanks everyone for your patience, Becky

21 April 2020 - First a big thanks to all of you who forwarded ideas and options for sourcing alcohol to us via email, messenger and social media. We really appreciate your efforts and thoughts. We followed these up and have been lucky enough to secure a moderate amount of ethanol that will arrive with us shortly. So we'll be making a batch in the 10 days, all being well - hooray! We're pretty short on bottles though for the next 2 weeks so that will hamper us a little to start. With the hand sanitiser made we'll be supplying some well overdue orders (this stock will make its way to retail shops) and save some for our lovely website customers. So watch this space and take care, Becky 

4 April 2020 - Desperately seeking alcohol! And not for personal use, I assure you. As the Australian government assists as many businesses as possible to tool up to make hand sanitiser for the first time, we're still struggling to secure any supply despite being "ready to go". So keep your fingers crossed for us and hopefully we'll be back in production soon. Really sorry for the delay, as we're working on it every day. Stay safe, Becky

17 March 2020 - We've hit a snag and our supply of ethanol was cut off yesterday, which means no further production of hand sanitiser until further notice. Our ethanol was produced in Australia. Will update as soon as we have any more news regarding supply. Sorry about this but it was quite unexpected...I believe no one will receive ethanol to produce hand sanitiser. Becky

15 March 2020 - We released stock on the website in the middle of last week but it's now all been sold. We're awaiting labels to arrive before we can pack the larger sizes. We have made product but need to be able to package it properly to sell it to you...all very tricky at the moment!  As soon as we can do so, there will be more made available. After a run on our antibacterial lemon myrtle hand soap we ran out of stock of this item too - but there is plenty at shops (I've seen it, yesterday and today, with my own eyes), so check out our stockists. Plus remember that we've been shipping hand sanitiser (via our distributors) to our stockists around QLD, VIC, NSW, SA and this lemon myrtle hand sanitiser should be reaching stores later next week. Best wishes, Becky 

12 March 2020 - Thanks for your patience. We've sent thousands and thousands of hand sanitisers on their way to our distributors in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA to stock up over 550 stockists around the country, so if you usually shop locally, please keep in touch with your local store. Meanwhile I am about to put some some of the 50ml hand sanitisers up on the website for sale. Larger sizes will be later this week. We are restricting the number sold online so we can actually service your orders - we are a small business after all but will add stock regularly (every few days). We'd appreciate if you check here for your the latest info and don't phone to check, as Clare in the office is more than super busy.  Many thanks for your understanding, Becky

6 March 2020 - We're in the process of catching up with all our outstanding orders for Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser, hooray! This afternoon I have released some 250ml bottles and 50ml bottles to the website shop (and we have plenty on its way to our stockists over the coming week, so please visit your SimplyClean local if that's how you like to buy). There is an online order limit per customer, to be considerate and save some for others; I'm sure you understand. We will keep producing, so you can always order again later when you run low. Have a wonderful weekend, Becky

3 March 2020 - Demand for our Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser has gone crazy! It's been frantic producing enough hand sanitiser to meet everyone's needs in the past few weeks. Now an upsurge in orders again on Monday, means we are temporarily out of stock, so sorry. 

Our beautiful Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser is being made fresh as I type and today we're bottling the batch made by Chris on Monday. So please give us a few days to get back on track and try back with us at the end of the week. As soon as stock is available we'll pop it up for sale again on the website.

Meanwhile, this week and next we'll be supplying thousands of bottles to our distributors that are heading out to our retailers, so perhaps try your local SimplyClean stockist? Our list of stockists is on our store locator but best to call ahead to them first, if you're not already going. 

And if you're one of our SimplyClean retailers contact your usual distributor, as they'll be receiving extra stock very soon.

Thank you for your patience. We are a small family business that makes everything right here in the heart of the Northern Rivers of NSW. Our great staff is been working hard to make, bottle, label and pack as many hand sanitisers, as fast as we can!

With warm wishes, Becky

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