​HOW TO….Fancy lampshades, simply cleaned!

​HOW TO….Fancy lampshades, simply cleaned!

28th Aug 2015

With trepidation, this week I approached the annual spring clean of my two fancy (soooo “hard to clean”) lampshades that hang above my kitchen bench.

This hideous job took me 1.5 hours last year, in good part because I cleaned whilst the lampshades hung in their usual spots. I unfurled each individual segment of plastic, washed and wiped, and took great pains to prevent all that dirty water running everywhere, including down onto the kitchen bench. I thought it would be an easy job but I had no idea the lampshades were that dirty.

Nothing so hard this year. Just 10 minutes and so easy!

I took these two dusty, sticky (everything gets sticky up high in the kitchen, doesn’t it?), cobwebby lampshades down and took them into the garden. I sprayed each all over with some Australian Lime Spray & Wipe and left them to sit for a minute or so. Then I gently rinsed them with the garden hose. 


A little bit of rubbing with a cloth helped remove stubborn bug droppings and cobwebs between the folds of plastic – Yuk! Within 10 mins I had two completely clean lampshades ready to drip dry in the sun. So simple, wish I'd thought of it last year:)

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