New Online Store Opening Hours

New Online Store Opening Hours

26th Mar 2020


We have been able to catch up by supplying a huge amount of SimplyClean for orders to distributors and stockists in the past 2 weeks, whew! 

And so, we've decided to open our online store for a longer period of time. From today, Monday 20 April, our store is now open the normal 24 hours a day until Friday, when we will close it off at 6pm for the weekend. 

These opening times will repeat weekly until further notice, allowing you, our lovely customers, to shop at times more convenient to you throughout the week, and giving us the chance to reassess over the weekends.

Restocked 10am daily

We are still finding it a challenge to produce some products as we await key ingredients and packaging components. And so, to ensure our customers can still order without us running completely out of stock, we are allocating daily. 

So if we run out of stock, check for other sizes or check back after 10am the following day. We will have our 'virtual shelves' restocked by that time.

FINALLY, we apologise if your favourite product isn't available for sale. The stock does change weekly, depending on when shipments of ingredients and packaging arrive at our factory and how quickly we can make product and put it into bottles and pails. 

In summary, our new online store opening hours are:

  • Opening Mondays at 9am
  • Weekend closing from 6pm Fridays until 9am Mondays
  • Remaining open until 6pm Fridays

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Warm regards, Becky from SimplyClean


Hello to all our lovely customers,

The past few weeks have thrown a number of challenges our way. As you may know, we are a small family run business, with a group of lovely loyal staff. With the enormous increase in demand for cleaning products (never mind hand sanitiser a few weeks ago) everyone at SimplyClean (including us as owners) is mucking in and helping with everything, from answering your queries, to packing orders for delivery; trying to leave time for our two product makers to make lots of batches of product.

We’ve been hampered in the last 2 weeks, thanks to the current conditions, and some of our suppliers are not able to deliver ingredients or packaging in the usual way. This is delaying us in making some products while we wait for whatever component is still to arrive, or source an alternative. And we’ve also been struggling to cope with the sheer volume of online orders we are receiving – many times the usual number.

In order to ensure all our loyal customers can buy online in the coming days, weeks and months, we have made the decision to have regular “opening hours” for our web shop; Monday to Friday – midday ‘til 6pm, just like a local retail store with a shopfront would!

From Friday, 27 March, our online store will be open: 

Monday – Friday from 12pm to 6pm.

Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Why these hours?

These opening hours allow us to spend mornings packing and sending orders, then organising stock for sale in the afternoon.

What’s in Store Today?

To help you with all the information you need we’re creating a new ‘What’s In Stock Today’ section. This reflects the products we have stock of that day. Stock availability could change daily, as when we make or bottle a fresh batch of product we can then make it available to buy.

Purchase limits

When our stock of certain products is low, will limit the purchases of those items to one per order.

The product you want not available for sale today? Try again next week.

Other than hand sanitiser (which is currently out of production because of the shortage of ethanol) and hand soap (while we await delivery of a crucial ingredient), we will ensure all products and product sizes are available across a number of days. So, if it’s not in our ‘What’s in Stock Today’ section, please check back again tomorrow!

Please be thoughtful when you make your purchases.

We will be making more so please buy only what you need now.

As we’ve all seen with toilet paper, bulk purchasing creates a shortage for other people and places a burden on small business trying to keep up and satisfy everyone’s needs. Rest assured, we will continue to produce the majority (if not all) of our products, now and into the future, so stocking up in anticipation of missing out really isn’t necessary. When you begin to run low, you can place your next order as per usual. And as a bonus, you’ll be helping a fellow SimplyClean lover to receive the product they need.

What is it that is stopping us from making your favourite product?

As an example – we are currently awaiting delivery of an ingredient that we use to make our Lemon Myrtle Hand Soap. Once we receive the missing links in our supply chain, we will immediately begin production again. A few of our other products may be similarly affected.

We will continue to make our products!

We understand everyone’s concern during these times – but we’re in this together!

Our team is dedicated to ensuring our customers have access to what they need as soon as is humanly possible. So, if you can’t purchase, say, your Lemon Myrtle Hand Soap today, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to purchase it in a few days time.

We appreciate your patience and kind words, and we have received some heartening feedback over the past few weeks. We’re here for you, and thank you for your understanding.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.