simplyclean lemon myrtle laundry powder passes "A Current Affair's" test

simplyclean lemon myrtle laundry powder passes "A Current Affair's" test

7th Jan 2015

ACA (A Current Affair) got stuck into the laundry giants recently, with its piece on The Cleaning Industry's Dirty Little Secret....the bulking out of laundry powders with useless fillers that cause washing machine corrosion, leading to unnecessary maintenance costs.

Simplyclean laundry powders happily pass ACA's little test, fully dissolving in a glass of cold water after stirring for 30 secs :)

Simplyclean Lemon Myrtle and Australian Eucalyptus laundry powders have never contained fillers (and we've been making laundry powders from scratch, locally, for over 15 years. 

Avoiding fillers is one of the ways we ensure our Simplyclean powders don't irritate sensitive skins. Plus we can offer real value when you need only 1/3 of the amount per wash as the leading supermarket brand.

Not to forget there are no other skin irritants, petrochemicals or toxins in Simplyclean.

ACA recommended cleaning out your washing machine monthly to avoid build-up of fillers that clog and corrode, with an off-the-shelf product. We say use Simplyclean laundry powders and avoid the risk! BUT if you've previously been using laundry powders requiring more than about 20-25g for a standard wash (i.e. containing some degree of fillers) a cycle with citric acid powder will do a good job - available from all supermarkets in the baking section. We use food grade citric acid in Simplyclean.

Citric acid powder is also really good for dissolving minerals and salts (e.g. limescale) that builds up in your machine in hard water areas, where it is beneficial to clean your machine regularly. Something to note if you have hard water.

Happy washing.

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