Spring Clean Swap

Spring Clean Swap

3rd Sep 2021

Most of us are spending more time than ever indoors right now, so if you are about to start your spring clean, now is a great time to focus on the healthiness of your home.

Join us to swap out your not-so-healthy cleaning products, for some high performing, healthy alternatives… Our Spring Clean Swap will help create a healthy, low tox home life in no time at all.

Freeing your home of artificial fragrances is a great place to start

Room air fresheners and deodorisers are almost always made with synthetic fragrances. Laundry detergents, softeners and pretty much all cleaning products – your surface sprays, dishwashing detergent, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner and disinfectant, will be synthetically fragranced too!

A 2019 University of Melbourne study in air quality, atmosphere and health found up to 1 in 3 people in Australia, US, UK and Sweden have ‘fragrance sensitivity’ from cleaning products, room sprays and even the clothes others wear! This sensitivity can cause headaches, breathing problems, hay fever-like symptoms, and skin problems for many otherwise well people. These problems can be far worse for the chronically unwell.

Spring Clean Swap - Make your home smell really good and be really healthy by swapping out for SimplyClean. All SimplyClean products are fragranced naturally, with fresh, pure Aussie grown essential oils. Guaranteed to make your home smell beautiful, with nothing artificial to irritate the senses.

Scrap unwanted, irritating chemicals in the laundry

The big laundry brands not only fragrance artificially, but their laundry powders also always contain fillers. Fillers have no cleaning function. They simply bulk out the product - by up to 50% - meaning you use so much more.

Fillers aren’t just a cost issue, though. They’re a health problem too. It’s the fillers that clog up the weave of your clothes and bed linen, keeping the artificial scent strong after the wash. These fillers are itchy and scratchy and easily irritate delicate or sensitive skin.

Spring Clean Swap - Detox your laundry by going filler free. Your little ones, the elderly, and anyone else in your household who is prone to dermatitis or other skin conditions will thank you for it. Swapping to SimplyClean laundry products will ensure there is nothing left behind to irritate the skin, as they are are completely filler-free, and rinse freely away.

Cheap and cheerful bubbles… Cheap for the manufacturers but not so healthy for you!

Australia’s most popular bubble-making chemical, SLES (properly known as sodium laureth sulphate) can be found in almost every handwash, dishwashing liquid, shampoo and conditioner and even in cleaning sprays and toilet cleaner. SLES has been around for decades, is the best bubble maker ever and is one of the cheapest too. So it’s no surprise that it’s the ingredient of choice for the big brands and the cheaper ones too.

The problem is, when in contact, SLES seeps into your skin – this happens when you’re washing dishes, or your hands. Over time, or with frequent use this can cause an allergic reaction. Some people become permanently sensitised to SLES.

Spring Clean Swap - To rid your home of SLES you’ll need to move away from the big brands, and usually the trending pop-up brands too. SimplyClean hand soaps, bodywashes and entire cleaning range are SLES free, helping you confidently swap out to an SLES free household.

Say no to bleach and choose the healthy way to tackle nasty mould

Keeping the mould out of Aussie homes can be tricky but is essential to creating a healthy home environment.

According to the National Asthma Council, 50% of people living with mould have ongoing respiratory symptoms that resemble hay fever.

Bleach (known also as chlorine, or sodium hypochlorite) is the traditional way to attack mould. It’s cheap and available in any supermarket. But using bleach isn’t the answer. Bleach isn’t effective against mould; it just looks like it is because it discolours the black to white. You can read all about that here.

Bleach is also very volatile and fumy and the fumes will easily irritate the nose and throat. For asthma and chronic fatigue sufferers bleach causes major health issues. There’s little benefit in swapping one health risk for another!

Spring Clean Swap - Swap chlorine bleach with our healthy hydrogen-peroxide based mould killer, Simply No Mould. It really works against mould AND doesn’t have the nasty fumes, so is totally safe to use. After killing mould it forms water and oxygen, so it’s safe for the planet too.

A great step towards a healthy, low tox home

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), over 90% of cleaning products are not labelled with their contents. Over 50% of cleaning products contain ingredients that harm lungs, skin and cause asthma, with many more formulated using known or suspected carcinogens and hormone disruptors,

So by saying

NO artificial fragrances

NO laundry fillers


NO bleach

You’ve made a great step towards creating a healthy, low tox home.

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