The eco-story of our product labels!

The eco-story of our product labels!

7th Jun 2021

Glassine is Green!

After a hard day’s work in our production, labelling SimplyClean bottles and pails, what’s left behind are rolls and rolls of label backing paper. These are made of glassine – a smooth, enamel-like paper that is acid free and has no waxes or coatings.

Glassine has excellent green credentials. It is sourced from 100% sustainably managed forests and manufactured in a ‘Chain-of-Custody’ certified facility. These forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social, and economic requirements.

Renewable and recyclable, we realised glassine was perfect for SimplyClean. And though it’s fully recyclable and biodegradable, we choose to use it in a very SimplyClean way!

Don't Use New - Reuse

Once our bottles are labelled, we shred the rolls of glassine backing paper in a regular office shredder. The resulting curly strips are used in our order packing area. When we are boxing products that have been purchased at our online store, we use the shredded glassine paper (as well as biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts) to pack orders for shipping.

When our lovely customers receive their orders, they can safely pop the packing paper in the recycling bin – or better still, reuse it when sending gifts, or to protect fragile items. The renewable circle continues!

Pure Paper and it's Shiny!

Glassine is slightly translucent and made using a process called ‘supercalendering’ – during manufacture the paper is pulped vigorously to break down the fibres, then is pressed and dried and passed through a stack of high-pressure rollers. During this process ‘the paper is ‘buffed’ to a shine - hence the name ‘glassine’.

You might have come across glassine via other products such as mini-packets, envelopes, bags, and sheets? And now you will recognise it when you receive your SimplyClean orders and can be confident that it 's a minimal impact material that's been saved from waste and reused.

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