Wonderfully biodegradable hydrogen peroxide

Wonderfully biodegradable hydrogen peroxide

15th Apr 2016

Simplyclean loves hydrogen peroxide. It’s a fantastic germ and mould killer and super biodegradable and earth-safe.

To show just how earth-safe and biodegradable this ingredient is, I want to take you back (way back for some of us!) to high school chemistry.

The formula for hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 (2 lots of oxygen bonded to 2 lots of hydrogen) and when it biodegrades it breaks down to just water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). That means it’s 100% biodegradable and leaves nothing but the stuff we drink and the stuff we breath. Wow!

The other great thing about hydrogen peroxide is that because it biodegrades really quickly – once it’s killed the bacteria and mould, it breaks down to water and oxygen - it doesn’t hang around as a residue.

Simplyclean has developed 2 spray products using the amazing hydrogen peroxide; Simply NO Mould® and PureClean®Bathroom & Shower. Both these products kill germs in your home. Simply NO Mould also safely kills mould in the shower and, unlike the big brand chlorine-based products you find in the supermarket, there are no dangerous fumes and no harmful residues.

peroxide is killing germs, and oxygen is being released as the product biodegrades. The more the fizz, the more germs are being killed. If you get lots of fizz when you use it around the toilet it does not mean you have a dirty house! It just means your previous cleaning products may not have been doing a great job, and possibly there’s someone (most likely of the male variety) whose aim could be improved :)When you use these products, look out for the “fizz” as this tells you the hydrogen 

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