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Here is some feedback we’ve had from some of our Simplycleaners and there’s more on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/SimplyCleanHome.


Just received this order & while I've not used anything yet, rest assured I will as I've been a customer for years & have always found your products to be excellent. I particularly like the laundry powder as I'm a grub & it does such a good job & rarely needs an added stain remover. But, your dish washing detergent is also great, I tend to soak my dishes not having a dishwasher & they seem to always come up clean without the need for scrubbing. And your body wash lasts for ages & my skin seems to like it as I suffer from eczema which isn't as prevalent after using it. Thanks again for such a good range of products that are environmentally friendly.

Russ (via email) 

Good Morning,

I recently purchased your dishwashing liquid, I wouldn't ordinarily have chosen your brand primarily because it is so much more expensive than any other brands, about 4 times the price of the usual that I get; however, it was the only one available and I needed dishwashing liquid.
Despite the premium price, we will undoubtably continue to purchase this product (I did get a couple of other of your products at the same time but haven't used them at this point in time) as it is without any overstatement or hyperbole it is the best detergent we've used. It gives me great promise for your other products we got at the same time.
Best Regards,

Cliff (via email)

"Good Morning. I just wanted to say thank goodness for Simply Clean. Your products are fantastic.  

We are on a Septic Tank and have to be very careful what products we use. Simply Clean products are perfect for our house. We have just started using the Laundry Powder and it's great. We already use the body wash and the dishwasher powder, which are also all fab products.It's nice to be able to use products that you know are non harmful to the environment and to ourselves. Thanks again Simply Clean for providing brilliant products. Cheers, Maria - Happy Customer :)"

"Dear Bridget (I think) and staff, this email is to let you all know how happy I am with your products that I have tried recently. I have just completed an online detox course and was checking out products at our local Spar store (Maclean is lucky enough to have a supermarket that regularly wins national awards). I have now used both your dishwasher liquid and your laundry detergent and am most happy with the results, the price and the environmental aspects of using them. As your dishwasher Liquid label states, it is earth safe and toxin free. Just what I wanted! I am telling all of my friends and family about your products and will continue to happily use them.

Well done on an excellent approach to looking after our Earth and everyone in it! Cheers", Helen from Maclean

"Just picked up a sample of your Simply Clean Lemon Myrtle Laundry Powder from KX Pilates Hampton, and just love it. I only use low perfumed products for washing and it is so soft on my hands and cleaned my clothes fantastically. Will definitely be buying more. Great job." wrote Rebekah from Melbourne

"How to sum up Products from Simply Clean… from a Business Owners Perspective... Quite Simply… They Work!..................

Hi my name is Kate Falls, I run a boutique cleaning business and have done so as a solo operator for 15 years. The one thing I rely on is Good Cleaning Products that work… to date… few have cut the mustard… until now… A few months back I had a client who purchased the Simply Clean Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant… I’m more inclined these days to use ‘natural’ products ensuring they actually work and I’m open to suggestions… this product did work and it surprised me with it’s ‘cut through’ ability and the smell for me as the cleaner and equally my clients was pleasant… No invasive toxic residue to my sinus’s and of that of my clients. Everyone is Happy. I now use these products in all of my homes. It has made working in my business easier, cleaner and all round more enjoyable. My car no longer smells toxic and in general my clients haven’t been getting as sick… Interesting… I use the disinfectant on all handles and light switches side of doors for those who use the door and not the handles so it seems to be working. I use this product the most because you can use it on pretty much every surface. I vary my mixes depending on the surface… more delicate surfaces I use a lighter mix. Just my own experience there. On walls it’s magic and actually so is the Pure Clean and no mould… I like to experiment and after 15 years I do know what I’m doing. Every product has more than one use… The Products I have used are: Pure Clean - Brilliant NO Mould - Brilliant Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant - A god send…smells wicked Lime Spray - Works on everything, great on Stove tops, fridges, also in dishwashers to give them a good clean out by hand… marks on walls… Australian Eucalyptus Washing Powder - I use this to wash at home and at the laundry mat for my cleaning rags… they come up clean and fresh… wonderful washing powder… Hand Sanitizer… I use it all day. I could rave on about these products. They have all performed beyond my expectations. They are all excellent and I’d score them 11/10. You wont’ go wrong using any of these products. I beyond Highly Recommend them. In addition I am pleased to say the Customer Service is Excellent and it’s Lovely to see an Australian Company making ‘clean tracks’ on a road that has been a quite toxic one for too many years!" Sincerely Kate Falls Cleaning Services Adelaide South Australia (and via facebook)

"Hello, I visited your factory last week in Lismore and the welcome and assistance you gave us was outstanding. After purchasing a number of different products, all I can say is wow. I will be using them in my cleaning business along with recommending them to anyone and everyone who will listen. It is refreshing to have family, Australian owned and run company produce such great natural products. Thank you and I look forward to a long relationship with you. Regards CWP Cleaning Services - cleaning with precision." wrote Wendy-ann Piper from Sydney via facebook.

"A friend of mine had your hand sanitiser and wow, cant believe how great it was. My wife who hates these types of products was also sold, said it was the only one she had tried that did not leave her hands feeling sticky and yucky. Of course the clean fresh smell of Lemon Myrtle was a bonus. She has now gone to your site this morning and ordered the hand sanitisers, body wash & disinfectant for our home. Love things that are made, owned and produced in Australia. Thanks." wrote Alan via facebook.

"We have a worm farm treating our waste and even the worms seem happy! We just got the all clear. We've been using your Simplyclean for over a year now, so all good," said Scot from Nimbin.

"Thank you! I love your products. I love cleaning now! Your disinfectant is just fabulous. I look forward to try the pet shampoo! Hopefully the Melba Food Store has that range as well. I also use your dishwashing detergent, hand sanitizer and air freshener. Sorry I don't have facebook, if you ever get twitter will follow you. Big smiles. Keep up the amazing work, love love love your products", cheers, Cara from Melbourne.

“I am delighted to have discovered simplyclean. My daughter visited recently with her newborn, and I wanted to provide them with a hygienic and safe home environment. I cleaned my walls and surfaces with the disinfectant, and was amazed at how effectively it worked. Using simplyclean gave me peace of mind, and a beautifully fresh home. And my visitors are all raving about the fragrance,” said Rebecca from Bangalow, who was one of the first people to use the simplyclean Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant.

“I love the simply clean lemon myrtle hand wash. The pump is great for the bathroom, no wastage. Do you have a hand cream to go with it? I like the clean feeling of my hands after washing with it and I like the scent,” said Sheila from Rosebery in Sydney.

"Hello Clare, Just wanted to let you know that we’re thrilled with the performance of the dishwasher powder. It has been fantastic and we can get away with using about half what we were previously using. Thanks for a great product and great service. Hope everyone up there has a happy and safe festive season". Regards, Ron P - Sydney.

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