• The Trouble With Bubbles

    10th Jul 2020

    The Trouble With Bubbles

    Everyone loves bubbles – lots of suds when cleaning makes you feel good, right? But are bubbles responsible for cleaning?It’s mostly (but not all) about marketingBubbles are, in most cases, a psycholo…

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  • How To Clean My Yoga Studio?

    18th Jun 2020

    How To Clean My Yoga Studio?

    When planning a safe space for teachers and students, some simple prevention techniques combined with practical cleaning strategies are the way to go.Simple strategies to minimise riskKeep the door…

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  • ​Safe and Easy Washing Up

    28th May 2020

    ​Safe and Easy Washing Up

    Our cutlery, glasses, cups and even plates and bowls are exposed to germs – every single meal, snack or drink. Any trace of a germ, virus or bacteria is heading straight to your lips and into your mou…

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  • We’re (almost) back to normal!

    7th May 2020

    We’re (almost) back to normal!

    Product availability Thank you for your patience! Even though some people haven’t been able to buy their favourite product at times along the way, we’ve seen the kind of understanding from our loyal…

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  • Laundry in the time of COVID

    7th Apr 2020

    Laundry in the time of COVID

    We’ve had a lot of questions from our customers regarding the efficacy of a number of our products. Here, we provide some tips and answer the most common queries we’ve received about handling laundry.…

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  • New Online Store Opening Hours

    26th Mar 2020

    New Online Store Opening Hours

    Update We have been able to catch up by supplying a huge amount of SimplyClean for orders to distributors and stockists in the past 2 weeks, whew!  And so, we've decided to open our online st…

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  • Kitchen Surface Hygiene

    24th Mar 2020

    Kitchen Surface Hygiene

    SimplyClean home offers a range of spray and wipe products for use in the kitchen, including HealthyClean Kitchen, Lemon Myrtle Spray & Wipe and Australian Lime Spray & Wipe.…

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  • High-Touch Surfaces

    22nd Mar 2020

    High-Touch Surfaces

    Cleaning recommendationsIn the home, there are some well used (some often forgotten) areas that require greater cleaning attention right now.Clean and disinfect these regularly throughout the day, gen…

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